The Ultimate resources : Fire,Earth,Water,Air (1)

Many ancient philosophy describe the basic element, always end up with 4 elements : Fire,Earth,Water,Air.

After renaissances era, alchemy deriving method to extract and categorised smaller element from the various field, today, we no longer view the ancient basic element as the basic substance for everything.

Alas, perhaps the modern society are WRONG to deny it. Today, we must relook the basic elements!

The 4 elements Association with human society

Today, fire represent the energy. Among all, Solar power, Maganetism energy and gravitational energy are the MOST powerful energy human hardly harvest.

Earth represent the land. It is a limited resources that we know too little of it. Whether about minerals extraction or using the land for commercial purpose, we are yet to learn the mother natures secret that enrich and enable the earth.

Source of life. However, 6 billions people on earth, 40% of the population does not have access to clean water.

Human society can’t live without fresh air. Besides the breathing air, there is many element in the air useful for daily appliance.

4 Elements to economy

Many “poor country” or states learn little about the importance of 4 element. Even many professional are making mistake such as introducing method to irrigate or transforming poor landscape.

Today, we learn that poor landscape, after all, are not poor.

to be continued………..


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