A. Sivasubramaniam : What!? Today not April Fools?

Posted On 01/04/2008

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A. Sivasubramaniam just improve the famous quote : “do the right thing at the right time”, it is “check the calender”.

According to an interview, reported by lolcats , Perak state, Bentong district Assemblyman, A. Sivasubramaniam, has mistaken put out the resignation letter that are suppose to be a prank.

“I send the resignation letter to Guang Eng as April fools prank. But I didn’t realise Guang Eng read the letter before 1st April. He is a busy person, you know. Who will guess the new Penang CM working hour are in par with 7-eleven”

A. Sivasubramaniam notice the mistake when Perak DAP, Ngeh question his resignation move, “I told Ngeh that is a April fools prank. Ngeh ask me to check the calender, then I realised I just make a big mistake.”

Perak DAP chairperson, Ngeh refuse to give further comment about the prank.

Later, some officer learn that Ngeh has make a hint on the issue during a meeeting, “For things that are crucial , always double check the details, to confirm you are doing the right things at the right time. Otherwise, it might turn a simple task into crisis”.

Bentung resident give mix responses about the prank
resident A : “Good, for so long, Bentung are never been so famous, since….. ” (long history snipped)

resident B : “!@#$#%$#%, I just bet 10big 10 small for snake, now he retract letter, damn”.

resident C : “Wah… poslaju so fast now ah, less than 8 hours reach Penang.”

resident D : “A. Siva who? ”




2 Responses to “A. Sivasubramaniam : What!? Today not April Fools?”

  1. youzi

    that’s a april fool joke?

    waliao, like that also can play…

    moo_t : =_=” ….. April fools .. You never read theonion.com meh?

  2. zewt

    this fella is really a joke!

    moo_t : If he send the letter on 1st April, then… 😉

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