Boycott Dutch product??? OMG, I can’t stop laughing. HAHAHAHA

Malaysia Muslim consumer group call for boycott of the Dutch product.

I am intrigue.

When come to the word Dutch , there is only few things typical Malaysian can thin of :

The best part is, the food manufacture Dutch lady has little thing to do with Netherland itself. It is a local company.

However, one of the most popular and most powerful dutch brand that Malaysian has little knowledge, are none other than the black oil.

Royal Dutch Shell

Apparently, Tun Mahathir forget the meaning of globalisation when he call muslim to boycott dutch product.

This is best ever April fools I ever seen.


4 Responses to “Boycott Dutch product??? OMG, I can’t stop laughing. HAHAHAHA”

  1. aa

    i bet there will be some swings and some reduction in shell revenue revenue from petrol pump this year…. maybe small 2-3% but there will be some…..


    for sure you are non-Muslim =)

    moo_t : It doesn’t make a different whether I am an Muslim or non-Muslim. It intrigue me just because lots of people REFUSE to see the bigger picture. Looking at the list, I am not happier than any Muslim that going to boycott the Dutch product. However, it is from another angle : most product that Malaysian use product from multinational company. 😦

  3. Wau Bulan

    Laugh while you can. You’ll wait and see whether it is an April Fool or not.

    This Fitna is totally disrespectful and insensitive towards the Muslims in the whole world.

    I don’t understand why this Ignorant Geert produced such film. Does it bugs him so much to see that the Muslims still behold it’s Islamic faith from a Koran? While the Christians are not?

    moo_t : hmmm

  4. Akuma

    Ano…. Dutch Lady IS netherland product. refer

    I’m not against boycot. For anyone who love peace and tolerence wouldn’t go making statement that provoke other group of people be that group a moslem,christian, jews or democracy,communist, white ,black, yellow, male , female or whatever they what to believe in or are as. It basic and simple situation. Other people dont like to be provoked, intimidated or harras with. When people are being harrased, they should do something.

    Although everyone have freedom of speech. Think before speak out or do stuff. There are difference between 5 years old and 30 years.

    For those who want to boycott netherland products refer here..

    and it is up to the people to boycott or not.

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