Income tax countdown ETA -28 days

Posted On 03/04/2008

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Introduced in year 2007, the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) E Filing has some mix response. Nevertheless, it is a Good Things(tm). 😉

According to IRD, 80,000 tax payer are file their income tax using E-Filing. This year, IRD project 150,000 tax payer using the E-filing system.

Don’t bet your luck on the server availability, do the E-Filing now. If 50,000 people start E-filing today, the system must process 1728 form per day. Bare in mind that the server are using Secure Security Layer (SSL) for each filing.

1728 form per day is nothing for normal Web application, however, with SSL in place, a server that able to server 800 HTML connection per second, will bogged down to server 25 users per second.

New system hardware and proxy will increase the system capacity, but I wouldn’t bet that. Because Malaysian has a tendency to submit form in last minutes, you will end up fighting for the E-filing resources with 10,000 people in the last day.


2 Responses to “Income tax countdown ETA -28 days”

  1. nicktay

    I already did mine using E-Filing. The system was very responsive and fast, then again, I did mine early

    moo_t : 🙂

  2. Salam Hassan

    Congrat to IRB. I also have submit my taxreturn form. The system is fast n good. It also support multi-web browser.

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