Downsizing and Matrix

Donwsizing results

I always though, the machine shown in Matrix movie universe, are for comical viewing pleasure. It is unrealistic and inefficient to have gigantic hunter machine to hunt and works.

From left to right.

  1. JetStream pen. Best pen ever made. RM 8
  2. Aztech UMM3100 USB modem. 1/10 size of the old day analog modem. RM 65
  3. the long rectangular strip, an anti-theft strip that commonly found in books
  4. The white rectangular strip. An RFID tag for RFID cash register reader, an alternative faster than bar code scanner.
  5. SanDisk 2GB. MicroSD memory card for my Nokia 6300. RM 39
  6. Cruzer – 1GB Thumbdrive. RM 37

One Response to “Downsizing and Matrix”

  1. Maverick SM

    You are now a i.t. geek.

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