Now where the hell I find those reflective safety strip?

For weeks, I am looking up and down to find safety strip for safety for some site inspection purposes.

For typical Malaysian, if ask whether to find the safety reflective strip, the first place to look for will be the motorcycle service store or motorcycle shop. To my surprise, it seem the safety compliance law that required riders to put reflective strips on their helmet are drop. Yes, those shop no longer stock any reflective strips for motorcycle riders.

Then I start observing motorcycle riders, then I notice, 9 out of 10 riders, most helmet doesn’t have a reflective strip, as compare to the law requirement many years ago.

The next trip will be the industry safety gear dealer shop. Well, you will get all sort of safety equipment there, helmet,jacket,respirator, boots, glove, etc. Ask for the reflective sticker strip, no, those are not available. Reflective strip are sew on the safety jacket, alas, it is no reflective sticker available for your helmet, boots,etc to meet some safety compliance.

Hardware shop? Don’t bet on it. No reflective strips. Car accessories and bicycle shop? Perhaps I should take a look.

Perhaps in Bolehland, cyclist and car owner life are precious compare to biker and hazardous area blue collar worker.


At last, I got it. You can find this stuff from signboard shop, in Seapark PJ. I got 2 strips, 1 red, 1 white, total length 2 – feet, width – 2 inch. 2 pieces total cost RM 8. It is a 3M!

safety strip, no flash
Normal light

reflective strip with flashWith flash light.

p/s: Pun are not intended to make to make the strip look like Indonesia national flag.


Thanks 5xmom for the hint of signages shop shop. I got it there. RM 4 per strip cheap. I am wonder why motorcycle riders refuse to use it.


2 Responses to “Now where the hell I find those reflective safety strip?”

  1. lilian

    My son imports them from China. All reflective stuffs like slap warp, iron ons and other stuffs. For the kind which is industrial strength, you can find it from those shops selling police signages, road signs and those official stuffs. We have Libraco in Penang who carry them.

  2. lilian

    His site. But for fashion only.

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