Ali Rustam should refrain himself from blogging if he can’t stand the heat

Posted On 18/04/2008

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So much heat, seems Ali Rustam or associate take off Ali Rustam virgin blog .

You will see this
When enter the URL

Apparently, Ali Rustam and his helper has no idea about the power of Google Reader.

Anyone still can get an aggregate of the deleted blog using Google Reader.

Dear Ali Rustam has no idea that the blog world doesn’t work the way of Malaysia mainstream media : where a phone call can remove/wipe the whole news for good. You need to notify Google to remove it from the cache.


2 Responses to “Ali Rustam should refrain himself from blogging if he can’t stand the heat”

  1. ylchong

    Don’t teach these UMNO olde dogs new tricks — they believe they are nu’es “dogs” in REVERSE!:)
    Hey, bud knot met nyet — C U at bum2008? Celebrate lah Labour Dae, your day, my day, not Ali Rustam’s die!:(

    moo_t : I am broke on April 😦 Hope May will be better. But alas, moo_t are anti-social when come to dollar and cents 😉

  2. ylchong

    moo_t: if you get that check for 20mil from eBoi, you’ll be ricxhe, I promise to cut you in for 30! GalScount’s honor:)

    Hey, come over lah LVC, mention Desi’s nama lah, say you are from FOURbidden city or 2+wan Kingdoms:)

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