Velchip response

Just found a comment under my previous blog post about Velchip RM44.5 billions project investors puzzle.

No sure whether this is an official response. But the response are lame marketing.

co founder

dear writer

im one of co founder velchip.lets go thru the history of the company. the technology of PLC or BPL was created by Masers or now the brand called VELCHIP founder since 1998 and in 2005 the 224Mbps technology was created .The first company is Masers Digital under the arm of MAVCAP and is MSC status company and MAVCAP invested seed capital to realise the technology.In 2006 the 224Mbps BPL won the MSC APICTA award and finalist in APICTA award MACAO.

year 2007 VELCHIP was formed to strategise the biz and more focus for branding and as the products keep growing,VELCHIP then to be focus as home networking company and manufacture the product for masers.

the bis model is similar like cisco and linksys where masers in doing telco biz and velchip in home networking market.currently both company in the restructuring process by the founder.

the project indonesia will be run under one of company name masers international to undertake overseas project.all the information about the company products can be seen in however the website is not updated yet.

masers and velchip will be under one umbrella to be structure under one group of companies and masers to be focus in telco biz and velchip will be focus for home networking products.

the projects in indonesia is huge due to volume of 400,000 mosques and each mosques capital expenditure USD 16000. the project will use satellite-bpl link to give a affordable subscriber cost at usd 1.58 a month unlimited per service.

the company currently already locked a few investors to kick start the project and will announce officially once a few mosques ready for the services.the company currently in the midst fund raising with a few group of investors in overseas and investment bank.

any further info can be contact via email in velchip website or computer world malaysia for further info

Why I say this is lame marketing? Just look at this line

the technology of PLC or BPL was created by Masers or now the brand called VELCHIP

What is the meaning of “Created”, does it mean invention? PLC – Power line communication not a new technology. PLC standard are under supervision of IEEE .


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