The booted Iran missles system display in Malaysia : hidden agenda?

Howsy spot this : Iran’s Missile System in Malaysia: Let Through Customs First, Display First, Then Boot Out Later.

Another blogger also mentioned Iran Booted From Malaysian Defence Show For Displaying Missile Systems.

Some people has mentioned the UN sanctioned or something. But I have a big question in my head : Isn’t it the job of ministry of defense to screen the contents before it is display on International Defense show in KL? It is ridiculous for Najib to to claim that the Iran missile system to be “offensive”. In fact, any weapon, no matter it used for attack or defense, are always mean to disabled the opponent.

Malaysia Ministry of defense should know the International compliance before allow any “non compliance” item slipped into Malaysia. Just imagine, what if some country slip in bio-chemical and nuclear weapon for the show.

If Najib people didn’t do their homeworks, Najib should take the responsibilities than spitting out bullshit. Will Ministry of defense improved after this negligence incidents?

I will keep my finger crossed.


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