How can you improve Malaysia education when the Minister of education show a bad example?

When Malaysia mainstream media go ho-hah about the Hishammuddin apology for his infamous keris waving move, many socio-politics blogger has notice the insincere-mumbling alike “apology”. From Malaysiakini news , Hishammuddin Hussein resemble some playing of word, indeed, Hishammuddin apologised for raising the keris “if it had affected the non-Malays”.

And the best part, as noted by Bolehtalk , Hishammuddin Hussein say “”I would also like to apologise to the Malays over my failure to uphold the Malay symbol (keris).”

Hishammuddin Hussein are not nobody, and he is not 8 years old student, he is an adult. Worst, he is a Malaysia adults that also of Minister of Education.

Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin bin Tun Hussein (born August 5, 1961) is a Malaysian politician and member of United Malays National Organization (UMNO). He is the current Malaysian Education Minister, having served since March 30, 2004. He is also the Chairman of the Youth Wing of UMNO.

In school, when children broke off a fight, typical discipline teacher will punish everyone in the fight in order to show a bigger “fist” to stop future fight. While good discipline teacher will try to find reason for the fight and solve the problem in more civil way. So it is common that party that start the fight for nonsense reason, will try to buy their way out with various excuses, and the discipline teacher will can keep reasoning until the people who start it learn their mistake. Nevertheless, in the worst case, some are so stubborn and refuse to learn. Then it is up to the school to continue the counseling or risk the student become a bigger bullier anti-social in the future.

Alas, what if the stubborn adult making mistake and refuse to admit their mistake? In Malaysia, for people such as H.H, mainstream newspaper, MCA and MIC can spin the issues.

However, H.H. bad apology example can never escape Malaysian eyes. Even H.H claim he represent the Malay, but he can be the WORST example/icon that represent Malay. The insincere apology tarnished the Malay cultures. Just imagine when one day a Rempit caught and say, “I apology for disturbing the neighbourhood, only if the police didn’t caught me for doing it.”

If you have grow up children, warn them NEVER follow bad example politikus such as H.H.


2 Responses to “How can you improve Malaysia education when the Minister of education show a bad example?”

  1. decypher

    Why is the bottom half of the post underlined? Forgot to close the link tag?

    moot_t : Thanks. Just correct it. Apparently I accidentally close the HTML tag with (a/) instead of (/a)

  2. iCalvyn

    i don think can be more improve, with my experience, all the knowledge i learn during academic time are really useless

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