Malaysia 3rd world mentality : I bet JeffOoi car will not be towed if he drive a Lexus


Ooi said he was upset with the Parliament officials and the police as he was earlier instructed by the police to park outside the premises due to lack of parking space.

He said he was given a VIP parking pass that indicated section ‘E’ to display on his dashboard but no one knew where section ‘E’ was.

I roll my eye. I bet, if Jeff Ooi drive a Merc E class, it will NOT be towed even the car are not registered with the Parliament security nor with the MP(Member of Parliament) car sticker.

The reason I suggest Lexus because Malaysian is knows the brand, a low pay parliament guard should know about it. if Jeffooi drive a Maserati, his car will still get towed away, as unknown “cheapo” car. 😉

I wonder if Lim Guang Eng sneakily drive his old Proton to Parliament, will he get send away by Parliament guard?

BTW, year 2008 Parliament section show a great diversities of wealth distributions show. Apparently, 90% Barisan Nasional MP are driving European car, while on the other hand, 90% of Pakatan Rakyat MP are driving either Malaysia car or Japanese car.

Guess who are “truly Asia”. 😉


4 Responses to “Malaysia 3rd world mentality : I bet JeffOoi car will not be towed if he drive a Lexus”

  1. Jasraj Sandhu

    Poor Jeff. After all the hardship to get voted in then he faces a change at the finish line. Imagine our parliament doesn’t have enough car parks for our very own elected MPs.

    Btw I really like the contrast between the BN & PR via “what-they-drive” methodology. And the “Truly Asia” bit was the perfect icing on the cake.

    moo_t : If I am Malaysiakini reporter, I may just make a report on which MP/CM drive what car. The topic definite last for a year. 🙂

  2. Maverick SM

    PKR and DAP MPs are not rich yet; do you think they can be different after some years?

  3. 小庄

    Lexus 在大马有名吗?好像都没见过咧。。。。唯一出现在大马的那部SUV都不叫 Lexus,好像叫 Toyota H 什么的。。。

    moo_t : Lexus 是多数马来西亚人, 除了BMW 和 Merc 之外认识的高档车。 Toyota Hilux 是 Wagon 啦。 多数买 Hilux 的人是因为车大, 不过被偷的机会很高 — 运去泰国。 马来西亚最常看到的 Lexus 是MPV 版。

  4. 小庄

    No no no, 我说的是 Lexus 最便宜的那部 SUV (MPV),买到大马叫 Toyota Harrier.

    moo_t : OIC. 其实马来西亚人喜欢Toyota Harrier, 因为它像战车, 驾Toyota Harrier 以为自己路上是无敌的, 结果出车祸的时候….

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