Job interview are more than just knowledges and skills

Posted On 02/05/2008

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This post are inspire by Fat4, who can’t get good Malaysia worker

My friend that run an IT business now has a particular way of filter candidates.

A theory he conclude after many experience with employee with “special attitude”.

Here come the best part that he say he will watch out.
– Candidate with strong English education but WEAK traditional background and weak interest on their root
– Candidate that can’t tell any book they recently read in 5 seconds.

Sounds simple.

But candidate will not know the question until they see the interviewer. The interviewer will potential candidates using various question that few candidate will know the true intention of the interviewer. If the candidates are really good, it doesn’t matter if they bulls their way through, but that mean they are a hell good of a salesperson πŸ˜‰

When talking about the race preference things, he laugh. It is much simple for most Malaysia private company : unmotivated Malay graduate will automatically screen out themselves by joining the government. πŸ˜‰ He never have problem with liberal Malay that join his company. And contradict to many Malay that say Chinese give better pay to same race, he pay the same rate to all. Girl also draw the same pay, since it is easier and save all his hassles on assessing each performance from the basic rate. In additional, this also save him staff from getting hunt by head hunter.

By the way, even the Internet are full of information teach the candidate how to react during interview, it seems many Malaysia candidate refuse the learn the no.1 golden rules for job interview : Be prepared.


2 Responses to “Job interview are more than just knowledges and skills”

  1. Maverick SM

    I think “being prepared” for interview is a complex thought. A fresh graduate can be prepared if the interviewer asked questions relating to the subject they had studied and those which they had believed are related to the job scope for which they had applied.

    But if interviewer asked questions on general knowledge such as which 5 books you had read recently, it may unsettle the candidate who may be unprepared for such line of question and of course he needs time to think. As for me, it won;t be a problem because I read so many books and can just blare out any one of them.

    In my opinion, the interviewer must make the candidate relax and cool his emotional uneasiness if the candidate is a fresh graduate. Talk to the candidate about simple things and his hobbies, passions, weekly activities and get the candidate’s mind to roll out naturally. Then, he is ready to face the tougher questions.

    Fresh graduates have great anxieties when in interview and it is a moral responsibility and of a good manager to know how to deal with them in a way that allows him/her to express free-flow.

  2. kittykat46

    “Candidate with strong English education but WEAK traditional background and weak interest on their root – Candidate that can’t tell any book they recently read in 5 seconds”
    Interesting. That means he mistrusts “Bananas”.
    He may not want to socialise with such people, but I wonder if he is shortchanging himself in terms of talent.

    Character and competence comes in many forms , and from people from many different backgrounds. Likewise poor character or low competence comes from diverse backgrounds.

    In terms of hard mathematical skills, those from Chinese school backgrounds tend to be better, but again there’s plenty of exceptions either way. Anyway, companies typically have a need for a wide range of talents. Well-rounded individuals often do better in a real-life work environment – a combination of people skills, analytical skills, communication skills, EQ,IQ etc.

    The part about whether people read books is fair enough. People who never read anything beyond their course books are less likely to continuously grow their knowledge – that’s 100% essential in the IT sector.

    BTW, I have years of experience interviewing and hiring people for both technical and non-technical positions.

    moo_t : LOL, I didn’t state he don’t like banana. Bare in mind that there is many good Chinese/India/Malay/etc that well versed in English/English educated NEVER neglect or look down their root. It is not about form of language, but the substance. If the candidate are not liberalist, the lack knowledge of their root always has some sort of altitude problem. In company that need strong team work, you need none of those.

    BTW, thanks for bringing out and clarify the point about book reading. Even none technical related book is good enough : those refuse to read show no intentioned to improve.

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