3G : some good shit and some bad shit!

Waiting my car for checkup, from a trusted workshop that far away from my office.

Thanks to my office flexibility, I am currently connected through 3G to distribute documents and discuss with my colleague on various work issue.

Except connection to the development server, since I didn’t set up VPN(Virtual Private Network). It is not essential. For critical server, there is secure VPN access and Celcom 3G didn’t block it. 🙂

BTW, to my surprise, here in Klang, the 3G latency are MUCH lower than PJ and KL. The 1 step lower UMTS connection are much faster than HSDPA speed at Damansara area. Apparently, this is similar to Streamyx congestion on populated area, with many students. I suspect Celcom or Telekom never spend time on checking this congestion cause by heavy download. Damn.

LOLcat load faster here. So if you want to sell you house fast in Klang, maybe you put up the banner : “3G speed faster than PJ, confirmed by caffeinbar.com”.



3G HSDPA : finger crossing


2 Responses to “3G : some good shit and some bad shit!”

  1. KY

    3G is always location dependent I think.

  2. Maverick SM

    I am in Kl. I had streamyx but I want another one. What should I choose? Maxis? Celcom or DiGi Edge? or any others? Please advice me!

    moo_t : Lowyatt forum has tons of information on each 3 service provider on 3G. You can skim through the forum using Google search by putting site:lowyatt.net at the end of the searching keyword. e.g.

    Celcom 3G site:lowyat.net
    Maxis 3G site:lowyat.net
    DIGI 3G site:lowyat.net
    3G site:lowyat.net

    I don’t recommend provider such as umobile. easynet,etc, due to the limited coverage.

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