Job interview (2) : How many job interview you have been through?

Posted On 05/05/2008

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Doc Maverick response to my previous blog : Job interview are more than just knowledges and skills

Maverick SM |

I think “being prepared” for interview is a complex thought. A fresh graduate can be prepared if the interviewer asked questions relating to the subject they had studied and those which they had believed are related to the job scope for which they had applied.

But if interviewer asked questions on general knowledge such as which 5 books you had read recently, it may unsettle the candidate who may be unprepared for such line of question and of course he needs time to think. As for me, it won;t be a problem because I read so many books and can just blare out any one of them.

In my opinion, the interviewer must make the candidate relax and cool his emotional uneasiness if the candidate is a fresh graduate. Talk to the candidate about simple things and his hobbies, passions, weekly activities and get the candidate’s mind to roll out naturally. Then, he is ready to face the tougher questions.

Fresh graduates have great anxieties when in interview and it is a moral responsibility and of a good manager to know how to deal with them in a way that allows him/her to express free-flow.

That’s a piece of valuable advise for fresh job seeker.

But I will won’t stop there. Because not all manager and interviewer will be as good or as nice as Doc Maverick. 😉

Last night, I just check with my friend Chan , to confirm his jobs-interview experience gains task that happens in yesteryear. C say he start the job interview “task” when he study part time in college. For 2 years, Chan has send more than 100 resume to various company and take more than 100 interviews. Instead of trying on some IT job, he apply for “below-qualification” job such as ordinary clerk. And according to him, it is easier to build up confident when you do so. And Chan got more than 30 job offers, it is rather high 30% success rate. Nevertheless, he turn down all the offer since it is merely a “experience gaining” task.

By carried out the thesis, Chan show that practice make perfect. Nevertheless, he does observed and learn how people will conduct interview and learn from the experience. Chan even mentioned that, in later stage, some company human resource officer are pretty astonish with his interview performance. Although C are not well versed in English language. So after the college, he successfully join multinational company and gain useful experience that many can gather from small one man show company.

If you failed to find a job, or waiting for greener pasture for some time, perhaps you should learn from Chan.

How about my job story? Well, I will write my experience in future blog. 🙂


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