Cyclone Nargis aftermath will change Myanmar

When Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar, few ASEAN country notice the disaster scale.

Thailand is the first ASEAN country freighting the relief resources to Myanmar. However, like most country under military ruling, machinery that help relief distribution are shortened compare to the arsenal in the military government hand. Despite the close border, few ASEAN country are yet to developed logistic to deliver necessary machinery to help this ASEAN member.

Recently, United Nation world food program has announce rapid depletion of food stock. The aftermath of Cyclone Nargis worsen the speculated food crisis . Since UN forecast Myanmar to export 500,000 tons of rice in year 2008, Cyclone Nargis change the positive picture into negative.

(Copyright – This file is in the public domain because it was created by NASA. NASA copyright policy states that “NASA material is not protected by copyright unless noted”. (NASA copyright policy page or JPL Image Use Policy)

When Cyclone Nargis hit, almost the whole Irrawaddy delta are submerged under water. While the 70% of Ayeyarwady division are submerged in water. Since there is virtually no system available to warn and evacuate people in Irrawaddy delta, casualties rate are abnormally high, 15,000 people are killed, and 40,000 report missing. Outbreak, unclean water will add another 20,000 to the death tol, if rescue and aid failed to arrived timely.

While the most Malaysian blogger attention are focus on RPK detention, perhaps we should spend some time looking into Myanmar issue. Some Member of Parliament should raise the question on Malaysia government effort on helping the neighbour country.


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