Cyclone Nargis might demolish portion of Myanmar Junta forces

Posted On 09/05/2008

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Situation in Burma are dwindle down, the military regime Junta officially refuse aid distribution by foreign aid workers.

The rejection has supplies many. It seems this is “yet another iron fist” practice exercising by Myanmar military Junta, but I think otherwise. It show hint that Myanmar Junta are badly hit by Nargis .

Denying foreign aid working on distribution might mean more : A large portion of Myanmar military might have been WIPE OUT by Nargis, and a large portion of army supplies are either damage or even destroy. The Junta are short in hand, food supplies and military supplies. Without the supplies channel into Myanmar to relief the Junta military, mutiny are imminent in Myanmar.

Cyclone Nargis direct landfall on Irrawardy Delta means a lot destruction. Besides destroying the rice field, Navy forces that along the coast line will take heavy casualties if the Cyclone warning doesn’t reach the Navy.

In addition, the badly hit administration division are Ayeyawady Division, Yangon Division and Bago division, with total 20,268 among 65,148 villages in Myanmar. This mean the 3 division reside 31% of Myanmar population. To control the capital city Yangon, the military Junta present will be exceptionally high in the 3 highly populated administration division.

As some Myanmar people claim,”Where is all the army when we need them”, perhaps they spell out the truth : Cyclone Nargis might have wipe out a portion of Junta military force and supplies. Mynamar Junta refusal on foreign aid worker are merely step to prevent the International community to learn the Junta conditions in Myanmar.

Next week, we will know how bad Myanmar will become, if ASEAN refuse to invetervent.


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