RMP showering Malaysia with bad fengsui

RMP tear gased cheras residents.

RMP. short form for Royal Malaysia police.

Hmmmm, it is so close to another jargon – ReMPit. Ok, this is just a pun. Don’t send me to jail. I am not RPK, nobody will pledge bails money for me. 😉

Some UMNO guys blame KT for tarnished the fengsui so BN lost badly in recent general election.

Perhaps RMP should rename their name, since it is a bad acronym, so close to REMPIT, bad fengsui. By the way, RMP should learn to refrain themselves for destroying their own fengsui, since the wind(“feng”) are polluted by the tearing gas, and their water (“sui”) are polluted by their chemical water canon.


2 Responses to “RMP showering Malaysia with bad fengsui”

  1. Yozoranitesky

    Ha Ha.. this is one of the most interesting interpretation of the word feng shui I have ever come across… great start to the end of a work week and the start of the weekend 🙂

  2. bongkersz

    RMP really a running dog for the gomen. Tear gassing the residents. I didn’t see they do the same during some stupid demonstrations by mamaks in Penang, or Umno members protesting over the 100 million pig project at Sepang. Double standard.

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