NS camp exceptional high death ratio compare to school

The primary and secondary school open for 200+ days per year, 100 times more students to take care.

On the other hand, Malaysia Nasional service , despite running 100 times more budget per camp, open no more than 95 days per stint, having 100 times less people to take care compare to school, just break the record on the death ratio.

(Picture source, Scott blog , Malaysian National Service VS. Iraq War: 46 Times Less Lethal

Here is the record show in Wikipedia onTrainee Fatalities while serving Khidmat Negara.

Chinese parent love to say this when they scold their children, “It is better born a Char-Siew than give birth to you”. Well, they better beware, their cuss might come true, just by sending their children into NS camp.

Now I wonder, if parent start buying life insurance for their children, will Malaysia insurance company add a column “Join NS camp” to underwrite the new risk?


2 Responses to “NS camp exceptional high death ratio compare to school”

  1. ylchong

    daer mGf caffeinbar-red!

    Where were you when I checked lake view club’s BAR? hydeing behind the bar?

    If the nS idiots spent the RM600mil to RM800mil budget every year in schools as Scholarships (instead of for summer camps), they could have helped thousands kids from’poor” backgrounds to reach tertiary studies…isn’t that badder than some stewpid summar camps that enriched a few morons like that Face of NS (he brings donw my face being from GNegri Sembilan! Furong remember me, mGf, 30% of 20mil awaits Thee!:)

  2. Maverick SM

    I wouldn’t let my daughter join this programme. Fortunately she was not selected.

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