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Posted On 17/05/2008

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With plenties of satellite on the orbit, China may give the excuses that they fucked up on the spring snow storm. However, for a country that well know for its seismic activities, despite with capabilities of conducting underground nuclear test, the “modern” China are failed miserably in the earthquake forecast.

In AC 132, China astronomer, Zhang Hen (张衡 CE 78 – CE 139) has create the first seismic activities detection devices, the houfeng-didongyi (候风地动仪), to detect the time of the quake (with someone stay on shift next to the device) and direction of the quake epic. Although it is not mean to predict earthquake, but allow the central government in the ancient time to prepare the relief support to people hit by the quake.

However, science and politics only click when the condition is right. For thousands of years, the earthquake detection device doesn’t put into much use. And the diagram of the devices is deem lose on the struggle of political changes and Confucianism. The destruction of Confucianism towards Chinese ancient science are on par with Cultural revolutions. It is not a surprise most of the tools,setup, formula,diagrams are not distribute widely, but through family traits, which highly susceptible to loses due to war.

Perhaps someday, some ancient devices diagram will reappear in some emperor tomb.


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