Woot, I just recover some lost photo for free :)

Some of the work shot gone MIA (Missing In Action) in the flash memory card. It is not of artistic value but mean for documentation for work. Due to my bad memory, I shot the progress and site information using my DSLR, that save tons of recording in word. Imagine losing those files.

A shareware from ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery) save my day. After 2 hours of automated scan using ZAR, I got back all my files that went missing in the digital camera flash memory nowhere land.

Nevertheless, I am the one should take the blame of losing those files than the camera. I am from the old DOS(Disk operating system) computing day. The file system used by most digital camera are FAT16(File Allocation Table – 16 bit) . FAT which are infamous for corrupted file index entries when multiple updates done on the disks.

When 1GB and bigger memory card make common, the no.1 unwritten rules for digital camera are : Always format you digital camera flash memory after downloading. And no.2 unwritten rules : avoid using the flash memory card store none image file. (Yeah, I am using it as a thumb drive to store file)

ZAR is really easy to use. What you need to do is downlaod it, install, execute it and wait for the results. 🙂 At the moment, ZAR give free digital camera image recovery function, with no restriction on file numbers and size.


Tools : ZAR (Zero Assumption Recover)

Hassle free download, install and execution.

free digital camera image recovery

Also recover advanced file system and damage file system with a US$49.95 price tag.

Highly recommended for once a blue moon digital camera image recovery. 🙂


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