Celcom 3G experience (2)

Just a reminder to self, or perhaps anyone using Celcom 3G Blue Cube modem.

It need Windows Autoplay feature to install the modem drivers properly. Nope, the installer software doesn’t seems alright when you copy the installer into some other place. It just doesn’t work when you turn off Windows Autoplay. Damn. Took me 2 day to discover this after my notebook recover after windows XP crash.
A reader leave a comment.

So, is there any service improvement on the Celcom 3G, I am thinking of subscribing !

Well I can’t say much about 3G are “best”, but the coverage are good. When I travel to Ipoh, I notice the whole stretch from highway till Ipoh town are running HSDPA.

Nevertheless, although the HSDPA connection latency are low, but Celcom HSDPA services start creeping into oversubscribing problem sooner than I though.

As long as MCMC refuse to push the Telco for open access on the 3G network, Celcom are still the best bet on the network coverage.

On the other hand, now I see more Celcom booth with the USB modem.


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