National Suicidal Camp : It is up to parents to make up their mind

It is up to the parents around Malaysia to make up their mind to start a civil disobedient to boycott the National Suicidal Camp!
After all, the Nasional Suicidal program are stuff into Malaysian mouth by the yes man BN MP, with zero to nil consultation from the people.

As a tax payer without a children, I am not happy that my tax money went into a summer camp that turn young people into corpse. Or poisoning them with food.

In fact, the camp are make are none other than a “solution” to temporary “remove” potential growing JOBLESS youth to the street. Even without OSA, one can easily learn the figures of NS trainer and trainee are not small numbers, of NON PROFESSIONAL. Indeed, those “trainers” are none other than one who on the government payroll. Just imagine a “government servant” that not abide to the government payroll scheme, interesting.

Well, it is not new to Malaysian. Every year, Malaysia government must find ways to create “new job” for local universities “unemployable graduate” to content the Malay ethnics, which churn out from the Malaysia universities mill at bulks. It is not a racial issues, as some has point out : when it is Malay problem, it is “national issues”. 😉

Since Badawi take administration, Malaysia government servant head count are bloated to unimaginable level, minus the efficiency.

Should the National Suicidal camp open for audit, there will be no surprise, but shock, shock that “known” by Malaysian.


One Response to “National Suicidal Camp : It is up to parents to make up their mind”

  1. Maverick SM

    Parents can’t do it; they’ll be jailed.

    I think we need the parent-teacher association to ‘rebel’ and get the authorities to act. That’s probably the only positive act.

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