Refusal of trade policies. Malaysia Boleh!

No foreign vehicle to pump oil at Malaysia border state.

That is the best idea Malaysia BN bureaucratic can think about to “curb” outflow of subsidies oil.

And guess what happens? Singapore government are now even more happier. It it resources consuming for Singapore custom to make sure Singaporean car entering Johor with 2/3 tank of petrol. Now Malaysia government NO PUMPING policies will save them all the trouble.

The “refuel ban” are create more headaches than the smart aleck can think off : it prevent Singaporean car from driving extensive period in Johor. Because Singaporean can’t pump the oil in Johor, they must find “remote” station out of the enforcement vicinity. And even better, promote black market trade when situation are desperate. Because when in town like Johor, no driver will remind themselves to keep their fuel tank for at least 30km from petrol station. So those Singaporean car see the fuel gauge reach the bottom bar, they can either

i. Drive back to Singapore to refuel

ii. Get Malaysian “friend” that do a car to car fuel transfer for them, with a fee πŸ˜‰ Kau-tim

iii Go to any Malaysia petrol station that GIVE temporary car license plate, with a “fees” πŸ˜‰ Kau-tim

iv. Drive out of Johor town, locate an who know which petrol station to refuel. And pray the station are in your GPS map.

v. Drive to Melaka to refuel.

And it is fun to guess what the desperate Singaporean will do. πŸ˜‰


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