Oil RM2.70 per liter start tomorrow – 5 June 2008

The news first broke out from NST , read it yourself here.


SMS start floating around. Crowd are now jamming the nearest Petrol station.

Netizen will jam all media website to confirm the news.

Now the media know where to get photo : petrol station, to shoot the queue, perhaps kilometers long.

Next you will see the new jokes looming around the net

A man can no longer bare with the inflation. He told his wife, “The !@#$##^ Badawi has f*cked our economy. I will teach him a lesson to end all this miserable” Before the man wife can stop him, he grab a parang and run out.

After a few hour, the man come back. His wife ask in worry, “What happens, did you get Badawi”. The man say, “I give up, people has queue up 20km away from PutraJaya to get Badawi”.

As a curious keapo person, I have take a quick peek on the nearest petrol station, on 6:00pm sharp. And every Malaysian can guess it, more than 10 car are queuing outside the petrol station.

If Malaysian are as shift and sharp in politics, we will get better government 15 years ago.

However, there is some “relief” :

At a press conference held at 5.30pm, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi also announced that the government plans to offer rebates to motorists to offset the fuel price increase.

Under the scheme, vehicles below 2000cc will receive a RM625 rebate annually – to compensate for 800 litres of fuel used under the new price.

Meanwhile, motorbikes will be given a rebate of RM120. The money will be paid by postal order.

Rebate will be paid when motorists renew the road-tax for their vehicles.


2 Responses to “Oil RM2.70 per liter start tomorrow – 5 June 2008”

  1. hyperX

    Yes! WTF man! why the hell increase the petrol price so much? That’s 40% of increment, how am I and most of the poor malaysian afford the petrol price? This is crazy man…I’m half mentally disturbed now… someone rich, help me!!!!

  2. Foong

    Lucky for the rebates! I’m driving a car below 2000cc. But guess what? More bad news coming. If you own credit card and you don’t make full payment every month, you are in for bad news come July 1st. Come visit my blog for the news.

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