Fuel hikes (2) : Village car owner rejoice on the free RM625 ?

No, the goodies definitely not for your city folks, that pay more tax, lots of TOLS, high food price, high expenses, etc. How many of you will use less than 800 liters of fuel?

Remember, all Pakatan Rakyat states that “inherit” from BN are highly urbanise, and public transport are SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS.

If I take public transport from my home to the office, the 25km journey will take 2 hours, 4 buses, RM4.00 per trips; and another 2 hours to return home, total RM8.00 per day , if I take buses. And thanks to the unplanned development, it is a place that even taxi drivers refuse to send you home unless you pay a hefty RM15 un-metered surcharge.

So WTF about the RM625 for urban residents? Nothing. Not even if your car stay home. Take my example, for 25 working day a month, RM8.00 x 25 = RM200 on public transport, owill cost me RM2,400 annually. Add to the casualties, it waste 4 hours per day on the buses. This is “GREAT!” for so called “hidup bandar” (urban living).

Perhaps cycling or riding motorcycle will save some money? But think twice, in Malaysia, 80% of the fatal accidents casualties are bikers. It is a FACT that Malaysia road are UNSAFE! Besides the road user attitude, Malaysia government poor law enforcement and korek-korek-korek policies create many killer pot holes to end the life of “al cheapo” riders.

However, for village folks that get the kancil for no reason, there is something to rejoice. Do not mistaken this village folks with Chinese new village, this village I mean are Malay kampung They rarely drive, but ride on their motorcycle. Their Kancil or proton iswara barely cross the 1000km mark for years to come. giving the 10km/liters mileage, this is less than 85 liters of oil used.

So when the RM625 “subsidies” announce, it is like rats drop into the rice pot : free handout from BN government to the Kampung people who own a car.

Should the kampung folks rejoice? Yes and no. For the RM625 handout, it only subsidies some of their car loan. However, the inflation catch up pretty fast. This extra RM50, is say : enough for the car loan but not enough for the inflation. It is a smart plan lay by Badawi people of thinking “winning” more hearts of kampung people. But it is not smart after all, because inflation are not taken into the picture.


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