Fuel hikes (3) : Chicken price increase 30-50 cents in Petaling Jaya

If you still have children that take milk, it is wise to stock the milk powder. Even better, start breast feeding. Why buy milk powder, when on the other hand, can save TONS of money on imported milk and instead feed the mother better?

Now chicken rice is just an example, the inflation now take note ASAP. All cooked food are more expensive now. It seems the government has no idea on stopping this passing bucks things.

As I mentioned before, for some god know reason, Klang valley living cost are more expensive than Singapore Island and Bangkok city, which population are 3-5 times more than Klang valley. It won’t take long for the spiral up inflation take shape.


2 Responses to “Fuel hikes (3) : Chicken price increase 30-50 cents in Petaling Jaya”

  1. Foong

    Yes, I can see the inflation rising up and up in the next few months. It’s so ridiculous that living cost is higher here than in Singapore and Bangkok. And the rebates given by the Govt for cars below 2000cc is also ridiculous!

  2. Kenneth

    That’s true, our cost of living is higher than Singapore, same goes to crime rate. If the inflation hike up again in July or August, we may see crime rate gonna jack up as well. Be prepared, stay home watch TV, no more hanging round at night, save petrol and save our life.

    moo_t : Watch TV, electricity bill going to increase soon.

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