Fuels Hikes (1) : Will express buses stop speeding?

Posted On 06/06/2008

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In fact, I welcome the fuel hikes, not just RM2.70, but ONE TIME up to RM5.00 or even RM 7.00.

Yes, inflation will follow, but I love to see HUGE traffics cut out from the road. And it stop big express buses from speeding along the highway.

Many life lost because of Malaysia poor reinforcement on the bus company. One is the speed control enforcement, while another is fitness of the driver. When on the highway, the last thing you want to see are express buses and lorries.

Unless you are an idiot, you will learn that trailing lorries and express buses are asking for trouble. Empty or full load, those heavy vehicle are lethal. When an express bus speeding on 110-120KM/h, it is a life threatening to overtake them. The wind flow create by the bus, can easily push against an aerodynamic design car to side way. Anyone who drive a compact car like Kancil try the stunt to overtake speeding express bus, are close to win a darwinawards trophy.

As everyone know, all vehicle has fuel efficiency range from 80km/h – 90km/h. Higher than that, the engine will burn extra 15%-25% fuel with the minimal gain of speed.

Will those express buses and lorries stop speeding. I hope so. Besides fuel efficiency, load will decrease the fuel efficiency. It will take a while for transport company to learn about the overloading fuel problem.


For more info fuel efficiency, How stuff works has a course on this.


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