Oil Hikes (5) : I don’t aginst the fuel hikes, but corruptions, wasteful and nepotism BN government!

If one take time to gather the reasons and rants from Malaysia blogger about the fuel hikes, you will find some common voices :

Most blogger ACCEPT the fuel hikes, but disapproved Malaysia government existing policies that SUPPORT and BREED corruptions,wasteful spending and cronyism.

It is not because all Malaysia blogger are all rich, but most of us are intelligent enough to know the root of the problem for Malaysia.

Unlike bloggers and many other Malaysian, some entities prefer to ride on el-cheapo-simpleton protest to DIVERT the Malaysian attention over the REAL problem. Indeed, a so call PROTES (The Organisers Coalition Against Inflation) choose to protest to recall the fuel hikes.

blogger Ktemoc talk of his disapproval over PROTES picketing

I would have supported his call for the government to ‘use the profit to relieve the public from being burdened by the fuel hike’, except that his proposal has specifically prescribed the regrettable profligate reduction of oil price.

What a shame that while his social objective (“…use the profit to relieve the public from being burdened by the fuel hike …”) is correct, his insisted avenue (“…to revert fuel prices to their original levels …”) is wrong, wasteful, conducive to abuses and lacks strategic national interest.

I am not sure whether his title of ‘doctor’ would be that for a medical general practitioner, and if it is, it may explain his ‘prescriptive’ demands. The problem with being ‘prescriptive’ is that you cut out other forms of remedy.

But I think KTemoc might miss the point of the reason behind PROTES picketing : It is SAFE and simple for PAS leader Dr Hatta Ramli, the PROTES coordinator for the planned rally to ask for reduction of oil price. Because if Hatta Ramli dare to talk about the ROOT problem : corruptions, wasteful and cronyism Barisan Nasional government.

Perhaps Dr Hatta Ramli just make it simple in order to rally the people, but the real agenda cannot be side line.

If not because of corruption and wasteful Malaysia government, as mentioned by RPK in his malaysia-today.net blog, Malaysia should have more than 50 world class universities. Malaysia should have enough money for ALL qualified Malaysian student to attend universities. Malaysia should leap ahead on Singapore and Thailand on economy and agricultures.

However, it seems Malaysia oil money FAILED to achieve any noble objective. We just failed when compare to zero-natural-resources Singapore and “political unstable” Thailand.

(source from Mob’s Crib )
Yes, it is about changing BN government lifestyle.


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