Malaysia way of efficiency : 6 steps to get the RM625 oil rebates

If you still remember the TNB jokes of changing light bulb :
To change a light bulb, you need 10 TNB engineer. One changing the light bulb, another 9 fill up the overtime form.

And it is NO LONGER a jokes when come to watch the RM625 oil rebates

check out the Pos Malaysia fricking 500KB workflow here. (562,241 bytes in exact. There is 101 way to shrink the file size of the chart, but POS Malaysia refuse to do it.)

Just look at the step and I say, WTF!

Form filling? Finger print check?

It is more complicated than IRD rebate your income tax payment.

I know POS Malaysia need lots of “Government job” to stay a float, but I didn’t expect there will be a spending of at least RM10 millions(remember : Malaysia mark-up price) to set up the logistics. Welcome to Malaysia-Boleh E-government.


One Response to “Malaysia way of efficiency : 6 steps to get the RM625 oil rebates”

  1. Allen

    According to the news, the whole process takes only 3 minutes, an impressive feat by any yardstick of measurement.

    As long as the motorist can get back the RM625 fuel rebates in 3 minutes who cares how many forms that he has to fill up. In any case how many forms can you fill in 3 minutes?

    Can the post office really accomplish the whole process within 3 minutes as they have claimed. Well it remains to be seen.

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