Malaysia boleh : where robbery become thievery

Posted On 23/06/2008

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I can’t recall how many case has happens, but Malaysia media just make it sounds abnormal, as there is no precedent case.

KUALA LUMPUR: An ATM machine was “excavated” from a petrol station in Batu 6½, Jalan Klang Lama, here, yesterday morning.

A man driving an excavator had pulled up at the station at 5.30am and a worker on duty thought he wanted to fill the machine up with fuel.

When the man suddenly drove the excavator into the glass door, he ran into a room inside the station to hide and only emerged after the theft was over.

Whether Malaysia mainstream media reporter are too lazy, or they must help the police to cover the incompetent of such high profile case.

So far I recall the EXACT same method is used for at 2 previous case.
1. At DRB-HICOM building, at Glenmarie, PJ
2. At one local Universities

And this definitely not the 3rd case. I am puzzle when the editor choose to describe the whole incident as “theft”. Oh dear, when somebody use full force to break in petrol station, shatter the class, and remove the 300KG machine from the site, it is pretty mind boggling when local media use “THIEVE” to describe robbery.

Many years ago , a politickus just spin it, as there is no corruption, just “lubricants to the economy”. KNN!


2 Responses to “Malaysia boleh : where robbery become thievery”

  1. foongpc

    Yes, sound more like a robbery than a theft. So many of such cases already, aren’t anybody going to do anything about it?

  2. zewt

    with the rise in fuel price and ppl unable to meet ends… i guess we have to beware of such ‘thefts’… or maybe thefts at an even higher scale….

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