What will you do if you are the PM of Malaysia

Posted On 23/06/2008

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Shamelessly copy and paste from Michael Ooi blog.
what cha gonna do?

Somebody posted an interesting comment in my ‘kick ass‘ entry.

# somebody said: Hai world. Try to be the PM and ask yourself what to do.

My reply to him/her:

# michaelooi said: somebody – If I’m the PM, I’m gonna punch myself in the face, undo the fuel price hike, sack all my monkey ministers, renounce my PM-ship and then make way for somebody who is more capable to be the next Prime Minister.

And what would your reply be? (hey, maybe the nincompoops from the top needed the reference… and this could be your chance!)


2 Responses to “What will you do if you are the PM of Malaysia”

  1. Maverick SM

    If ever heaven will open up and the sky will fall, and Satan’s miracle takes place, I can become PM; and if that happens,

    I will make sure 50% of Petronas profits will be given and distributed to Malaysians under the age of 18 except those whose parents are millionaires or have house or properties worth a million ringgit. The money is the extras Petronas will get if they cancel the option contracts by way of a legislative enactment such as the Act passed by the British Parliament on the Burmese Oil case.

    This country is 10 times more richer than Brunei… but the pillages and pilferages is hemorrhaging. Malaysia, by empirical facts and substance, should be richer than Brunei and Singapore if the govt can stop Umno corruption, put meritocracy in the civil services, EPU and Treasury, and believe in Allah by being just honest.

    I will provide social security to all the Malays so that they wouldn’t need to fear of the others and this will include those whose family income is less than RM3,000.

    I can do this by merely plugging the loopholes in the EPU and Treasury on govt projects which is worth more than RM50bil yearly of which more than 20% are top-ups and commissions.

    I will grant free education up to university level and the monies needed can come from the political contributions to Umno and MCA. It is assumed that it amounts to some RM10bil yearly.

  2. moo

    And I can see, from all your grants, even goes up to multiple billions, when put to REAL use, it will generate multiple billions in near future, instead of disappear into the thin add.

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