Are BursaMalaysia challenge Murphy with C4 ? ;)

Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong

Again, Murphy get another upper.

Today, Malaysia just achieve yet another BOLEH record. The KLSE (Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange) trade failed to resume after system failure.

Quoted from The Edge financial daily

Soon after the KLCI opened, down 0.37 point to 1,153.33 on some selling, the system went kaput..

Multi-hardware failure and difficulty in connectivity have been cited for the outage. Trading is expected to be suspended for the morning session that ends at 12.30pm.

The headline index has been sliding in the past few days, here and here, partly due to the nation’s anxiety over political uncertainty at the moment.

The computer system of KLSE must have runs on more than RM 15-20 millions budget annually. Now the shutdown shown something are going VERY WRONG. It is easy to blame EVERYTHING on the computer “hardware failure”. But for tens millions IT budget system, any company will afford a powerful Telco-Grade HA server and have off-site hot standby recovery!

A High-Availability(HA) server, unlike our typical cheapo PC, are built to handle “multiple-hardware failure”. The HA server hardware are build with redundancy. When our pathetic PC hard drive crash, or CPU fried or RAM failure, it will be gone case. But for a multi-millions HA server, the failure component will be noted by the server, and the hardware will automatically switch the function to the redundant counterpart, and you don’t even know there is a failure happens. For setup like KLSE, another HOT-STANDBY HA server will be resume the main server operation ASAP when the main server goes kaput.

So it is not cheap 1 main to 1 hot standby. In fact, modern day critical server are, in fact, redundancy of everything, give 99.9995% service time (less than 2 hours) if you pour in enough $$$$$$$$.

So what is the main cause of the shut down? In Malaysia, we just need to be patient to wait for the truth to leak. 😉


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