Are IGP talk cause KLSE “multiple hardware failure”?

After going through detail on Jeffooi blog about the KLCI outage , it mentioned something that caught my attentions.

Emergency? Is Malaysia about to plunge into a state of Emergency? Eyebrows were raised when people heard IGP Musa Hassan say yesterday that the police and the armed forces will be holding a joint public order exercise until Monday and the military will be called in to maintain public order if the security situation in Malaysia deteriorates. Quote:

β€œThe exercise is also to enhance the cooperation between the police and the army, besides helping improve coordination, logistics and communication between the two forces,” he added.

As it is, security agencies are kept on their toes to deal with possible public order issues this Sunday, when a mammoth rally will be held in Petaling Jaya to protest the increase in fuel prices.

Bursa Malaysia must have learn something when today (3 July 2008) trade start. Because brokers can queue the trade in their computer system even BEFORE the 9:00am trade start. A huge negative sell off must have take whole night to brewed off, after IGP and AAB administration give the talk without using their brain.

To make Broker cancel their huge selling call, Malaysia government just start the damage control over the IGP talk. However, with the bad global business climate, AAB should make sure his staff use their brain before they speak. Otherwise, it will risk yet another “multiple-hardware failure” to KLSE. πŸ˜‰


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