Are HP going to keep quiet on the KLSE system failure PR damage ?

Bolehland is really a country full of excitement.

According to the latest news, it is disk(s?) failure that cause a full day shutdown of KLSE.

KUALA LUMPUR: Bursa Malaysia Bhd experienced the worst systems breakdown in its history when a faulty computer hard disk forced trading to be suspended for the whole of yesterday.

As usual, little information are reveal from the trading company that handle KLSE. Too many question dangling on “system crash”. Serial number of disk crash do happens. The famous IBM Desktar series is well known for this infamous reason. After year 2001, Computer server manufacturer building massive storage array, will supply customer number with different batch of disks, and even different brand of disks, to avoid possible manufacturer defect appear in the same time.

And for server setting such as KLSE, there are suppose to use a redundant disk array. And such technology are ROBUST since year 2001. A Storage Area Network (SAN) can easily distribute redundant copies of data across multiple storage devices to secure the data and continuity of business.

In a mission critical, the SAN topology can be design to insane robust level. E.g. like deliver 4 set of document to the destination using 4 different highway route. So statistically, 1 route failure cannot bring down the services, it is unthinkable if 4 route are destroy in the same time.

But from the KLSE story, the IT head are telling the public of this “impossible” outcome.

Hewlett Packard (HP) are the company supplies computer hardware to KLSE. For computing world, this is a serious public relation issues. Because to the computing world assumption, mission critical business such as KLSE must have deploy fault tolerance disk setup for the business, and those hardware are come from HP. If a fault tolerant system computer setup supplies by HP FAIL to deliver (as in KLSE case), competitor such as IBM, DELL, Sun,etc are happy to use it to attack HP line of server business.

Even hundred millions ringgit of server business with BursaMalaysia can’t replace by the PR damage. Will HP HQ keep quiet on the Malaysia episode to hurt their business?

I will keep my finger crossed.

1. I will not be surprised if HP broke the silence and say “some company” didn’t purchase the right hardware and scale back on the purchase even upon advise.

2. It is an open secret that Malaysia financial institution are plague by computer hardware purchase rebates. It is enough to keep ACA busy for years if ACA do function.;)


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