PutraJaya and Bukit Aman no idea what 5KM radius mean

It must be some smart idea from 4th floor to instruct Bukit Aman to place massive road block around the city to cause massive traffic jam that stretch from every direction towards Kuala Lumpur. From Shah Alam, PJ, Ulu Klang Ampang, Jingjang, you name it.

As Lim Kit Siang point out at his blog, this is A totally synthetic crisis.

The Police is creating a totally synthetic crisis out of nothing, as no gathering or demonstration is being planned by Pakatan Rakyat in or near Parliament tomorrow.

Perhaps a tactics to make people hates Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar (well, those road block and mean “to deter Anwar from protest in Parliament compound”, which is not even materialise anytime soon ). Perhaps some “mole” inside PKR are being misguided to inform UMNO to mobilise Bukit Aman to perform a negative private relation stunt to make people hate Anwar.

This does not help to improve Malaysia police forces and the Badawi administration image. Especially when more and more negative news pop up about massive corruption of police forces in broad day light.

More and more question will pop up in the people head : where is the police when the crime happens?

And how far are 5KM radius that claimed by Bukit Aman? Check for yourself from the google map link here.

In fact, Kuala Lumpur city center are not a big city, except it mess up by various corrupted politickus.


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