TNB say they need to adjust tariff due to “loses”. Wait! They give discount on “Merdeka day lighting”

Posted On 14/07/2008

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According to news published by Chinese newspaper, Nanyang, TNB will give discount on Merdeka day “lighting usage”. from 1st August until 30 September.

Commercial building applying the new tariff, just make sure their electricity bill during the period exceed the average consumption on May towards July. And this “extra electricity” usage, will cost RM 0.169 per KW, as compare to normal tariff of RM 0.408.

In year 2006, TNB discount help commercial building save RM 680,000 electricity bill, while KL city take the share of RM340,400. in Year 2007, this accumulate to RM 14 millions, while KL city alone, save RM617,000.
Ask TNB to fuck themselves off.

How many “commercial” building are going to do this? This is obvious tactics show government building are the most wasteful electricity user. TNB tricks are actually just helping the corrupted KL city administration (under federal territories minister) to cut down the expenses on electricity bill.


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