Full page zoom : the reason I switch to Firefox 3

Posted On 16/07/2008

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Full-page zoom, a features available in Opera browser are now part of Firefox 3 features.

The full page zoom will enlarge/shrink the whole web page, scale the text and graphic together. Yes, I mean graphic! Just hold the keyboard CTRL key, and move you mouse scroll button, and it will zoom/unzoom the whole page.

This is awesome features since I no longer need to download small diagram and zoom it using other tools to read the details. Whether you suffer from Myopic or Presbyopia, there is a right clear browser size for you.

If you reluctant to upgrade Firefox 2 to Firefox 3, consider installing Opera browser , since it can co-exist with Firefox 2.

And throw away Internet 7, it is a piece of bloated junks!


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