24 hours not enough

Posted On 18/07/2008

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Oh my, can I finish all this before October 2008 for my holiday?
Let me see, I need to

  • Migrate a gigabytes production database from one ISP to another ISP
  • Test 32bit application on 64 bit OS, migrate it
  • Test old 16bit and 32bit application with VMware virtualisation and migrate it
  • Consolidate more than 10 servers
  • Consolidate 80+ users network with many gateways
  • Migrate old mail system to yahoo corporate mail or google corporate mail server
  • Test various field equipment that I have no previous experience on
  • Create implementation plan for minimal time and trouble for some none-IT equipment on the field
  • Finish 5KG of mangosteen I just bought

hmmmmm, do the final item first. 😉


3 Responses to “24 hours not enough”

  1. 小庄

    对对对,我也会做最后一项先,然后拿 MC(claim mangosteen overdose), then forget about all the other tasks! 😀

  2. moo

    只怕大家骂我独吃。 😉

    听说Mangosteen 在美国 卖到天价。 🙂

  3. 小庄

    一磅(大概有三粒吧)卖美金七元,日本那里卖比较接近天价 .

    不过多贵都不管我的事,我定力够 😉

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