Giga,Tera Zimbabwe note$, all geeks should get one.

Don’t know how many zero for 1 Gigabytes, don’t worry, there is stylist way to learn it, and you can become billionsaire just a snap of finger. Two stone kill one bird.

BBC has the real world news for this out of this world currency.

If you are a mathematics teacher, this is a good chance to teach the student about concept of TRILLIONS. or Tera, if you involve in computing. 😉

Now, if you still remember, Rais Yatim call to include the clause on human rights charter to respect the elders?

Well, well, Robert Mugabe are 82 years old, and he collapse Zimbabwe economy and give the world first billions z$ note and now trillion Z$ notes . And Quadrillion will follow soon in the NEAR future. I think Rais Yatim love him and respect him. I can’t say the same for Zimbabwe people.

Perhaps Robert can make Malaysia his second home.

By the way, US$1 (or RM 3.2) are equal to Z$ 425,276,250,000 (as of July 2008), or Z$ 425.276 billions.

For Chinese, perhaps next year ching ming, Zimbabwe is the best alternative note for ever inflated hell note. Perhaps Robert will thanks the Chinese for fixing their economy by buying the ….. Z$ notes.

source from wikipedia

Source from Howsy blog.


Remember, government can be stupid. In fact, instead of printing gazillion number, change the notes to different shape, use a new symbol to represent many zeroes will reduce complexity. But again, if Zimbabwe government are smart, they won’t run into the superinflation.


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