Oooooooorrr, mangosteen :)

Posted On 23/07/2008

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Click photo to enlarge 🙂

听说Mangosteen 在美国 卖到天价。 🙂

小庄 :
一磅(大概有三粒吧)卖美金七元,日本那里卖比较接近天价 .

不过多贵都不管我的事,我定力够 😉

Facts : Mangosteen

Mangosteens are readily available canned and frozen in Western countries. Without fumigation or irradiation as fresh fruit, mangosteens have historically been illegal for importation in commercial volumes into the United States due to fears that they harbor the Asian fruit fly which would endanger U.S. crops. This situation, however, officially changed on July 23, 2007 when irradiated imports from Thailand were allowed upon USDA approval of irradiation, packing and shipping techniques.[16]

From 2006 to present, private small volume orders from fruits grown on Puerto Rico are being filled for American gourmet restaurants who serve the aril pieces as a delicacy dessert. Beginning in 2007 for the first time, fresh mangosteens are also being sold for as high as $45 per pound from specialty produce stores in New York City.

Apparently, import price of mangosteen drop rapidly in US. According to 小庄 Zhuangjia, it is $7(RM21) per pound (0.45KG).

But nevermind, I nom-nom-nom all 5KG. Cost? RM3 per KG. 🙂 🙂 🙂

That means I consume RM110 of fruits in USA. Now I feel a bit richer than 小庄 Zhuangjia work there.


One Response to “Oooooooorrr, mangosteen :)”

  1. ccc

    OMG, I just realized I’m a millionaire! 🙂

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