Is this mean Rais Yatim agree with the bloody killer PolPot?

Rais Yatim just create another shame to Malaysia.

“What I would like to stress is the need to include the eastern values in the clause. For example, respecting an elder and religious values are important to us in Asia. We can’t take the Universal Human Rights Declaration as a whole and apply it here,” he told a news conference at Wisma Putra here.

Quote from Bernama : Asean Unlikely To Reach Agreement On Human Rights Issue

Earthnic speak it out clear

What? Would the Charter compel its citizens to respect the elders? If a person failed to do so, would the person be dragged to a constitutional court?

Polpot , that direct and indirectly cause a genocide of 1.7 millions citizen of Cambodia, die in year 1998.

According to Rais Yatim “theory”, we should “respecting an elder and religious”. That means if Polpot still alive, we should “respecting” him, and his “religious”, the ideology that killed 1.7 millions people.

Fuck you, Rais Yatim.

By the way, the human rights charter already include the clause of respect all human being, including moron like Rais Yatim. As long as they don’t cause harm to other human being. Perhaps Rais Yatim should get a English teacher to teach him to read the charter, oh wait, teach him what is human rights, that will be another… teacher.


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