Some jokes about the recent “backside story” sandiwara

Posted On 28/07/2008

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Me : RPK is dropping a bomb shell. hahahahahahah.

colleague: Bad news for the boy, he might not collect his money, since the contract foil, cancel.

Me : Hiyar, don’t worry,this is Bolehland mah, don’t you see all sort of inferior contract? Government normal pay 50% upfront. And when those works gone stale, Malaysia government will bail them out. That boy will get bail out as well. Maybe a “psychiatry therapy” that pay in millions by government.

colleague: Oh fuck, that is tax payer money.

Me : Still cheap bail out mah. The space tourist cost much more.

colleague: That sucks.

Me : Maybe they will spend some money and buy a super dildo to “cucuk” out the story.

colleague(laugh): That is hell most expensive dildo in the world.


One Response to “Some jokes about the recent “backside story” sandiwara”

  1. Liam HKL

    ho ho hoh

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