Yahoo business mail and Google App cut off SME email server purchase

Yahoo and Google just start cheap corporate mail hosting business.

To Small Medium Enterprise (SME), this is a good news. Because instead of forge out RM8,000-50,000(depends on size of users)per year to host their own email services, they can now get a email server hosted by the two giant with fraction of the cost.

Take Yahoo! Business mail as example, for around RM450, you can host your own domain e.g. at yahoo, create 1000 mail account, with unlimited mail storage, without purchase a computer server, nor all the software.

Even using a open source Linux server with all open source mail services, that will save you RM5,000-RM25,000 on software licensing cost, but this doesn’t mean hosting the mail server is easy. Virus, spam and the main headache of all mail server administrator.

Well, if money saving is not enough, then consider this : Google and Yahoo! Business mail move spam traffic away from your corporate Internet line. For TMNET, it is even better news, because spam traffics is isolated to Google Apps Gmail server

But this is BAD NEWS for many Mail server system. Unless the mail system perform more advanced collaboration features, otherwise, there is no reason to spend RM2-15k annually to maintain the mail server software. Worst, some company doesn’t has the tendency and will to upgrade their software features even the client pay the subscription fees.

Talk about this, perhaps someday, people in the world can choose to outsource their government if they become to bloated, too costly to maintain 😉


Google App


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