Who say Malaysian bloggers can’t make ……errr good soap opera

Posted On 31/07/2008

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As for the rest of us kaypohchees who were spectators to this whole event, this probably couldn’t have come at a better time after all the political scandal that has been popping up all over the blogosphere and we’re also tired of the Xiaxue and Dawn Yang thingy. Well, we Malaysians can’t possibly lose to the Singaporeans in terms of controversy either, right ?
— Shadowfox Source : The Coconut saga, lessons learnt and summary.


source : fireangel, Cova Beer Buffer

I am not going to reveal who involves in the saga, you have to discover it yourself.

Here is the hint
iseeQueen AKA Christine Yellow , Killkenny , Salmon P

Honestly, I think all keepo people like me has few question

Question 1 : Is this real or they make it up to boost the traffics? They can indeed claims it is a “sandriwara” and reversed all the muds slinging call.

Question 2 : Did killkenny shag iseeQueen? (damn, Sex and the City plot?)

Queston 3 : Why there is so much story about Killkenny brother “hood”

Question 4 : Since iseeQueen throw lots of things out it, is there a video about Killkenny similar to CSL (and not to forget Mr Lingam….)

Question 5 : Will iseeQueen do the Lewinsky plot.


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