WTF : Mimos “manufacture” iDola Jean-I to sell in Zambia

Image steal from Howsy blog .

Remember, petrol is not cheap. Unless Dollah take way Malaysia oil subsidies to help Zambia.

To manufacture computer, labor cost actually only play VERY small part of it. Remember, computer manufacturing is not labor intensive production, it is more towards part sourcing.

When MIMOS say they looking for “Zambia partner”, tons of question arise. Guess what is Zambia located in Africa?


Well, it is yet another landlocked country similar to Zimbabwe. Although Zambia is a major copper output country, it is NOT a electronic producing country. The cost of supplied chain are high compare to country such as China, which has sea access to all regional electronic output country, e.g. Taiwan,Korea,Japan,Malaysia,etc.

So how can MIMOS bring it down to RM500 a PC and RM1000 a laptop?

Even the low cost OLPC are mass produce. Due to their strong silicon establishment, and the huge volume placed by various government.

So it is mission impossible for Malaysia GLC such as MIMOS to achieve it.

Unless.. well, you and me know the “unofficial” answer.


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