China Olympic holidays and sports spirit

Posted On 07/08/2008

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Pollution is the biggest problem of Beijing Olympic 2008. Guess how Beijing government help to “reduce” the pollution? The China government curb most of the factories around the cities, some rumor are extend to 500km square . The curb will last for 2 months. Workers are not paid when the factories close down to “reduce” the pollution. Workers on holiday start putting up their “whining” on the Internet due to sudden income cut.

For the pass 4 years of Olympic preparation, Beijing government doesn’t have a solid policies to improve the pollution problem, nor they have effective policies or incentive to encourage surrounding factories to install pollution control equipment.

And you can guess how China government solve the algae overgrown problem in Qingdao.
Source in mandarin.

Even 3 years old don’t believe Olympic are not political.

An disable athlete has been disqualifies by the Chinese government to enter the Paralympic, when they find out the athlete lost his leg in the Tiananmen incidents.

The victim, are 2 golds medal winners of 1992 Paralympic games for China.

All source from the mandarin website

Screen shot are snapped just in case the site shutdown by DDoS attack.


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