Rubbish morale class and stupid parents

Posted On 07/08/2008

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Got an unidentified phone call.

You guess what happens :
1. The caller didn’t identified themselves
2. The caller didn’t say who they are looking for
3. Always, the caller voice show they are an adult!

I don’t understand what happens to Malaysia education. It seems more and more freaking retards are growing in our society. It is common way of communication for human society.

So how is this has to do with Malaysia education morale class? Lots of it. Malaysia school morale class are rubbish because the country education has little interest to teach the children the REASON behind the ethics.

Yes, I know, I know : teaching the children the meaning of ethics, will make them look down on MOST Malaysian “leaders”. After all, it is a way to secure stupid voters to ensure corruption government continue to rules. Worst, lots of Malaysian parent still have the mindset of passing the buck to the school when come to teaching the children about correct values.

Last week, a mandarin call in radio show ask opinion about MoE dropping the morale class, lots of parent object it using all sort of funny reason. And yet, perhaps because of screening or short show time, none of the parent mentioned about the alternatives.

Parent 1 : My children get A on morale test, so I think it is important to continue.

Parent 2 : Because of the yadda yadda yadda society morale value deteriorate, even the morale class are useless, but it will be worst if the class is drop.

Parent 3 : Even with religion class, the student morale keep deteriorate, I cannot imagine if the morale class dropped.

Parent 4 : It is better than nothing mah

So what is the alternative?

I will say, put in the human rights class. Make the children RESPECT another human being is the basic of all morale! With the basic understanding of human rights, the children will not growth up as a ignorant retards that assume they are VVIP and everyone know them.

Oh… wait, isn’t the MoE still assessing the sex education things?


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