Jokes : Why Bolehland PM choose idiot to be his minister?

When a fat guy stand next to another fatter guy, he looks slim. Lots of people hope Bolehland PM do something.

Alas, every time Bolehland PM do something, Bolehan know they will be screwed, badly!

Here is some bad taste joke as promise

BN still rules Bolehland in year 2080, and the country won the rights to held Olympic games.

Bolehland Prime Minister begin his opening ceremony speech, ” O O O O O ”

The PM assistant whisper, “Sir, those are Olympic logo”


During the 50th Bolehland National day, a grand military march are on the shown. Powerful force are show in sequence : infantry, follow by armor car, heavy tank, fighter helicopter, Sukhoi MIG , artillery. At the tail of the march , a few man in suits are spotted. Somebody question, “Who are those people”. They got the answer, “Prime Minister Economy Planning Unit”


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