Describe Malaysia and Olympic in 23 words (updates)

Nicol David

Nope I think I will change it to 3 word now, after pac-man point out my mistake.

Poor Nicol David

Do you know the sport persons represent Malaysia in 2008 Beijing Olympic ? Malaysia Olympic council tell you NOTHING .

But Malaysian know Nicol David. Yes, 27 millions population and Nicol David are the hope for the first Malaysia Olympic gold medal.

Now let me guess, if this happen, how many days do you think Badawi will response when Lim Guang Eng throw a Parade for Nicol David ASAP?

But wait, despite the long history, and low sports person maintenance cost, <a href=””>squash </a> are not an Olympic item. Not even Year 2012 London Olympic.

Squash not in Beijing Olympic 2008
Thanks for update from my commenter Squash are NOT one of the competition item in the Beijing 2008 Olympic. It will not appear in Year 2012 London Olympic.

In fact, OIC are actually highly politicise. As from the articles, it seems OIC are want to replace softball and baseball with something else. Because only a few country funding such game, especially USA and Japan, while softball are mostly play in EU and few commonwealth country . On the other hand, sports such as Squash and Karate are much widespread compare to other costly sport.

And guess what is the best part ? The squash Olympic campaign are held Singapore, despite Nicol David as World Champion represent Malaysia, I don’t see the news mentioned how Malaysia OIC play their roles in the campaign.


2 Responses to “Describe Malaysia and Olympic in 23 words (updates)”

  1. pac-man

    Squash is not an Olympic event, period. Please check before shooting blanks and making a fool out of yourself.

  2. moo

    Thanks for the update. I didn’t know that. Correction is in place.

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