“Flying scene”, Is it necessary ?

Posted On 09/08/2008

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Many host country has turn the Olympic openening ceremony as some sort of carnival competition arena.

However, unlike the <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazilian_Carnival”>Rio Carnival</a> , it is not about private organisation competition, but a competition between nation that host the Olympic game.

That 1996 Altlanta Olumpics game, uncessary drag Muhammad Ali to the scene. Although it is a honor as the torch bearer, but the broadcast cruelly Muhammand Ali idle hand left hand uncontrollable swing due ot Parkinsons syndrome.

While 2008 Beijing Olympic, <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li_Ning”>Lee Ling</a> hoisted hundreds of feet into the air with cables to ignite the torch.  Now that is overkill. You can call other Olympic torch lighting boring, but I don’t recall cable hoisted into the air are one of the Olympic sport.

And hoisted a some young girls to the air for the opening ceremony?  Even I know they are safe due to strong safety enforcement, but it turn the opening ceremony into — circus. Luckily, Zhang YiMou  didn’t show panda in his script.

One Response to ““Flying scene”, Is it necessary ?”

  1. foongpc

    Well, I sorta like the flying scenes especially at the end when Li Ning lighted the cauldron. It’s unique and special. Other than that, the part where all the countries came out on stage – well, that was quite boring and long winded! Still, it’s a great start to the Beijing Olympics! : )

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